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How do I know which AirPods generation I have?Updated a year ago

To identify your AirPods generation, you will need to grab your charging case. Choose 1st Gen if your indicator light is under the lid on your charging case. Choose 2nd Gen if your indicator light is on the front side of your charging case.

You can also locate your model number with the following steps:

If your device has iOS 14 or later, try this!
- Go to Settings > Bluetooth
- Find your AirPods on the list
- Press the info button next to your AirPods
- Find the Model Number

Not iOS 14 or couldn’t find it? Try this!

Connect your AirPods to your device
- Go to Settings> General > About
- Find your AirPods on the list (make sure your lid is open)
- Tap and find the Model Number

1st Generation: A1523, A1722, (1st Gen Charging Case Model Number: A1602)

2nd Generation: A2032, A2031 

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